Sandy Hook CT – http://jovian.me – 203-788-9270 – joe@jovian.me

Joseph Vincent Annino, signing his works as JoViAn, uses the immediacy of camera phones to capture images of overlooked landscapes and objects, which he renders in his paintings in oil, acrylic, or watercolor.

Living in Bethel, Connecticut, JoViAn is new to the art world, and largely self taught.  Seeking a counterpart to his career in computer programming, the finality of finished work of art provides a sense of comfort and accomplishment, while allowing exploration of process, mediums, and pigments,.“I just wanted to do something I could finish”.   JoViAn is especially interested in exploring the particular properties and combinations of pigments and mediums, and how combined with the hand of the artist can convey emotion beyond the image itself.  For this reason, he alternates between impressionist and abstract styles, each providing a different framework for this exploration.