Representational art

Bank Street New Milford

oil and colored pencil on panel 12″x12″

Past Paris

oil pastel, colored pencil, and acrylic on paper 14″x20″

Just Outside The Beltway

watercolor and graphite on yupo paper 11″x14″

Do Fish Appreciate Art?

ink on paper 18″x18″

Floating Through Dragonflies

watercolor on paper 16″x16″

Where I Grew Up

colored pencil on panel 11×14 gift


acrylic, oil pastel, and colored pencil on paper 16″x16″

From The Earth To The Sky

acrylic and colored pencil on paper 16″x16″

Sunset At The Ledges

ink and oil pastel on paper 14″x20″

The Phoenix Tree

mixed media on duralar and paper 12″x12″

Yale Art Gallery

colored pencil on panel 16″x20″

Silvermine Stairs

oil on panel 12″x16″

Up To The 8th Floor

oil on canvas 30″x30″

When I Just Float

watercolor on paper 12″x14″

Chapel Of Our Lady Restoration

oil on panel 12″x24″

Not Really Here

ink and graphite on acrylic prepared paper 12″x18″

Exit 8

watercolor on paper 14″x20″

Primary Forest

oil marker on acrylic 12″x12″

Saint Mary’s By the Sea

oil on canvas 30″x30″

The View From Taco Bell

watercolor and ink on paper 14″x20″

The History Of Boats In Charleston Harbor

oil pastel and ink on paper, 14″x20″

53 South Redding

oil on panel 12″x12″


oil pastel on paper 14″x20″

A Day In the Winter

oil on canvas 12″x12″

Chinese New Year

oil pastel on paper 12″x16″

Christmas Eve

oil on canvas 11″x14″ SOLD

Close Together

oil on canvas 12″x12″

View From The Sculpture Balcony

oil pastel on paper 12″x9″

The House Across The Street

oil pastel on paper 12″x16″

Heaviest Metals (self portrait)

oil on canvas 18″x18″


watercolor on paper 5″x7″

Honor System Open Now

oil on canvas 18″x24″

A Quick Trip To The Real World

oil pastel on paper 12″x12″

Flowers With Breakfast

oil on canvas 12″x12″

Erector Square

watercolor on paper 12″x18″

Bethel Crossing: My Friends Lived Here

oil and colored pencil on panel 12″x24″

Lucid Forest

oil on canvas 12″x12″

That Which Makes Life

SOLD oil on canvas 12″x12″

A Barn

watercolor pencil on paper 12″x18″

Change Of Light

oil and colored pencil on canvas 12″x12″

A Light Shines In

oil on panel 12″x12″

Better Artists Came Before Us

watercolor on paper 14″x20″

Last Light

watercolor on paper 14″x20″

After The Rain

acrylic on canvas 18″x24″

Trying To Connect

watercolor on paper 9″x12″

Big Birds

SOLD watercolor on paper 9″x12″

Sunny Clouds

watercolor on paper 9″x12″

I’m Loving It

acrylic on canvas 36″x24″

Who’s Gunna Drive You Home Tonight

SOLD acrylic on canvas 12″x12″

Artificial Tree

watercolor on paper 12″x18″

4th Of July Night Ride Home

acrylic on canvas 18″x36″

What A View

acrylic on canvas 20″x20″

Days Of Freedom

acrylic on stretched canvas 18 x 24

Clothes Lines

watercolor and ink on paper 12 x 18

Hanging On

watercolor on paper 12 x 18

The World Is Melting

watercolor on paper 12 x 18

The Woods At Night

watercolor on paper 12 x 18

Naked Trees

SOLD 11×14 acrylic on board

Jellyfish In The Air

12×12 acrylic

Red Birds

SOLD 9×12 watercolor, acrylic, and ink on paper

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